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Our passion is cancer research. But not just cancer research for the sake of furthering our knowledge of this terrible disease. We are absolutely committed to changing clinical practice by developing highly personalized forms of treatment. Using computational techniques called Bioinformatics; we analyze very large datasets to create clinically useful diagnostics that personalize therapy. While we investigate all types of cancers, the majority of our research relates to prostate cancer, where we lead bioinformatics for the Canadian Prostate Cancer Genome Network (CPC-GENE). As “Big Data” researchers, we both apply existing Biocomputing techniques, while continuously working to improve and create new methods. We hope to influence and facilitate the next generation of researchers, who will use these techniques with the ultimate goal of curing cancer!

Led by Principal Investigator Dr. Paul C. Boutros, our team consists of ~35 individuals with diverse research backgrounds. Our group is composed of: Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Bioinformaticians, Data Scientists, Software Engineers, Graphic Artists, Post-doctoral Associates, and others. We joined the group with backgrounds ranging from Bioinformatics to Biochemistry, Computer Science to Chemistry, and Physics to Statistics. This diversity allows for a fruitful, collaborative environment yielding great productivity and exciting research. Our current research foci are the analysis of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data and the application of machine-learning to develop novel biomarkers.

The lab is part of the Informatics and Biocomputing program at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. OICR has remarkable expertise in pathology, genomics, and computational support that provides a rich intellectual network of collaborators and colleagues.

For further information about us, take a look at our projects, publications, personnel and more!

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