Abelson Lab

Abelson Lab Dr. Abelson studies the extrinsic selective pressures and cell-intrinsic mechanisms governing clonal dominance and cell transformation.

Ailles Lab

Ailles Lab Dr. Ailles and her team are focusing on two major research areas: intra-tumoural heterogeneity and epigenetics in clear cell renal cell carcinoma.

Al-Awar Lab

Al-Awar Lab Dr. Al-awar, leader of OICR's Drug Discovery group, works to discover and develop new drugs for various cancer types in collaboration with both academic and industry partners.

Aldape Lab

Aldape Lab Dr. Aldape is an OICR associate.

Awadalla Lab

Awadalla Lab Dr. Awadalla and his team focus on the development of genomics approaches, model-based tools and population-based approaches to study mutation rates, genome biology and cancer.

Bartlett Lab

Bartlett Lab Dr. Bartlett and his team focus on the development of novel diagnostic approaches to stratified medicine, predominantly in breast and prostate cancer.

Bedard Lab

Bedard Lab Dr. Bedard is working to bring next-generation sequencing to more Ontario cancer patients through the Ontario-wide Cancer TArgeted Nucleic Acid Evaluation (OCTANE) study.

Bell Lab

Bell Lab Dr. Bell's lab is developing novel oncolytic virus products that both kill cancer cells while stimulating anti-tumour immunity.

Butler Lab

Butler Lab Dr. Butler is the clinical lead of OICR's Immuno-oncology Translational Research Initiative (ACTION). His expertise includes clinical trials in a variety of immune therapies.

Cottrell Lab

Cottrell Lab Dr. Tricia Cottrell is a clinician scientist whose research focuses on tumour-immune interactions in solid tumours.

Dancey Lab

Dancey Lab Dr. Janet Dancey is the leader of the Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network and the Canadian Cancer Trials Group.

Dick Lab

Dick Lab Dr. Dick’s world-renowned research program centers on the theme that genetic and non-genetic determinants of tumour heterogeneity are linked through stemness. He co-leads OICR's Acute Leukemia Translational Research Initiative.

Dirks Lab

Dirks Lab Dr. Dirks is a pediatric neurosurgeon and senior scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children. He co-leads OICR's Brain Cancer Translational Research Initiative.

Feilotter Lab

Feilotter Lab Dr. Feilotter focuses on the development of biomarkers to be used in the screening, diagnosis or treatment of human diseases, including cancer.

Fenster Lab

Fenster Lab Dr. Fenster is driven by the opportunity to use technological innovations to meet the challenges of cancer diagnosis and therapy needs. He co-leads OICR's Imaging program.

Fiume Lab

Fiume Lab Dr. Fiume is the CEO of DNAstack, a key leader within the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health and an OICR associate.

Ferretti Lab

Ferretti Lab Dr. Ferretti is a bioinformatics leader with experience in both large-scale software development and computational genomics.

Fong Lab

Fong Lab Dr. Fong is the founder of the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project. This project's objective is to evaluate the impact of policies designed to control tobacco use.

Gallinger Lab

Gallinger Lab Dr. Gallinger is the leader of OICR's Pancreatic Cancer Translational Research Initiative (PanCuRx).

Genome Sequence Informatics

Genome Sequence Informatics GSI assists collaborators in experimental design, as well as the interpretation of the results and the publication of experimental results.

Genome Technologies Platform

Genome Technologies Platform Supporting researchers in many applications: FFPE & low-input samples, high volume studies, targeted panels, long read sequencing, single cell sequencing, low variant detection, and much more

Grunfeld Lab

Grunfeld Lab The focus of Dr. Grunfeld’s research is the evaluation of access to and quality of cancer care across the cancer control continuum – from screening to end-of-life care.

Haibe-Kains Lab

Haibe-Kains Lab Dr. Haibe-Kains is an OICR associate that works to develop tools that can mine pharmacogenomic datasets.

Haider Lab

Haider Lab Dr. Haider’s research focus is abdominal and pelvic MRI with an interest in therapeutic response assessment and quantitative imaging of cancer.

Hanna Lab

Hanna Lab Dr. Hanna’s research focuses on three translational streams of health services research: quality of care, value of care and access to care.

Hirano Lab

Hirano Lab The overarching goal of Dr. Hirano’s research is to devise novel anti-tumour immunotherapeutic modalities that can cure cancer.

Hope Lab

Hope Lab Dr. Hope aims to identify the underlying processes that lead to the transformation of healthy cells into leukemic cells and contribute to the progression of the disease.

Jackson Lab

Jackson Lab Dr. Jackson is a leader in imaging mass cytometry and is the most experienced user of the Hyperion Imaging System worldwide.

Jamaspishvili Lab

Jamaspishvili Lab Dr. Jamaspishvili is working to identify and validate promising diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for early prostate cancer.

Kornaga Lab

Kornaga Lab Kornaga is an OICR associate working in molecular pathology.

LeBrun Lab

LeBrun Lab Dr. LeBrun’s research group studies perturbations in the regulation of gene transcription that underlie acute lymphoblastic leukemia and other cancers.

Lupien Lab

Lupien Lab Dr. Lupien’s research highlights the need to characterize and understand the role of noncoding regulatory elements as targets of genetic and epigenetic changes in oncogenesis.

McPherson Lab

McPherson Lab Dr. McPherson is an OICR associate specializing in genome technologies.

Morris Lab

Morris Lab Dr. Morris is a Senior Investigator and an OICR associate specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Nieman Lab

Nieman Lab Dr. Nieman is studying the developmental impact of chemotherapy agents with a goal of improved brain development and quality of life in childhood cancer patients.

Notta Lab

Notta Lab Dr. Notta is an OICR associate working to decipher new molecular targets that are needed to treat pancreatic cancer.

Oza Lab

Oza Lab Dr. Oza co-leads OICR's Ovarian Cancer Translational Research Initiative and specializes in clinical trials for gynecologic cancers.

Palma Lab

Palma Lab Dr. Palma's research focuses on new imaging technologies used with radiotherapy to improve tumour targeting and to deliver higher doses of radiotherapy than previously possible.

Panchenko Lab

Panchenko Lab Dr. Panchenko's research group studies the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of cancer, including the effects of mutations on protein activity, interactions and dynamics.

Pearson Lab

Pearson Lab Dr. Pearson’s lab is working to understand the connection between adult stem cells and cancer by using the freshwater planarian as an in vivo model system.

Pond Lab

Pond Lab Dr. Pond’s research interest is in statistical methodologies and analysis of cancer clinical trials, with an aim to facilitate the translation of scientific discoveries into the clinic.

Pugh Lab

Pugh Lab Dr. Pugh is leader of the Princess Margaret-OICR Translational Genomics Laboratory and an OICR associate.

Reimand Lab

Reimand Lab The Reimand Lab develops and applies methods to interpret cancer data using pathway and network information.

Rottapel Lab

Rottapel Lab The Rottapel Lab uses functional genetic screens (both shRNA and CRISPR/Cas9) to identify novel vulnerabilities in ovarian cancer as a strategy to develop new therapeutic targets.

Schimmer Lab

Schimmer Lab Dr. Schimmer is the co-leader of OICR's Acute Leukemia Translational Research Initiative. His work focuses on new therapies for leukemia.

Scholl Lab

Scholl Lab Dr. Scholl is focusing on developing an emergent technique for molecular imaging with magnetic resonance.

Shooshtari Lab

Shooshtari Lab Dr. Shooshtari develops computational and statistical methods to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying complex diseases.

Simpson Lab

Simpson Lab The Simpson Lab develops algorithms and software for the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data.

Siu Lab

Siu Lab Dr. Siu is Co-Principal Investigator of the Ontario-wide Cancer TArgeted Nucleic Acid Evaluation (OCTANE) study.

Soave Lab

Soave Lab Dr. Soave is an OICR associate specialized in biostatistics and longitudinal data analysis.

Stein Lab

Stein Lab Dr. Stein is the leader of Adaptive Oncology at OICR.

Taylor Lab

Taylor Lab Dr. Taylor is a paediatric neurosurgeon and senior scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children. He co-leads OICR's Brain Cancer Translational Research Initiative.

Translational Genomics Laboratory

Translational Genomics Laboratory TGL enhances rapid access to genomics technologies, and facilitates genomic interpretation and reporting in clinical oncology.

Web Development

Web Development The OICR webdev team designs and builds websites and web applications that enable OICR to present leading-edge cancer research that engages a global community for collaboration.

Wouters Lab

Wouters Lab Dr. Wouters’ lab has identified new signaling pathways that influence how tumours respond to environments with reduced oxygenation.

Yaffe Lab

Yaffe Lab Dr. Yaffe’s research is directed toward development and improvement of imaging techniques for the earlier detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Yung Lab

Yung Lab Dr. Yung is the Director of Genome Informatics at OICR.

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